Thursday, August 26, 2010

my kids are cute.

It's my blog! I can say that... right? :)
Really though, I want you to read this quote, taken from this interview, of a photographer whose work I regularly admire. She's endured more heartache than I can imagine, but what she says here struck a cord deep within me...
Photography officially took my world by storm back in 2007 when my only sibling, my brother Gavin passed away unexpectedly in his sleep. I’d dabbled before then, but it was at that point, when I realized that these images were all we had left, that everything changed.  Every shot I took suddenly carried greater weight and significance and I became passionate about giving people that same gift of. . . well, of remembering for lack of a better word, so it was then that I entered the professional realm. When my son Gavin passed away earlier this year, I was reminded yet again of why I do what I do, and why it matters so very much to me that I do it well.
 Hmm. I hear her... loud and clear. What she said, coupled with the distraction from grieving, something to pour myself into, a creative outlet... and you've got a story that sounds a lot like mine.  
Regardless, my kids are cute, and today I found it necessary to document that. :)
And a nice little outtake for you...

Anyway. We survived today. And though it's 9 p.m., I've got a little cup of coffee (I just discovered my french press. It's love, friends...) waiting for me downstairs, and am going to spend the rest of the evening out on my porch swing, soaking in this beautiful, perfect Indiana weather.


  1. Of course they are! Some of the cutest kids I have seen in my LIFE! I still can't believe how grown up and handsome Corban is these days, and Cate's hair is precious. I am super jealous of your porch swing Indiana weather!!!

  2. beautiful photos, beautiful locations, beautiful kids, and beautiful reasons for being a photographer.


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