Monday, December 21, 2009

love and marriage!


Just a few shots I took from a wedding we were in this weekend. Marissa (the bride) looked stunning! The ceremony was beautiful and accurately represented their love for eachother and Jesus. I was so blessed to have been chosen as a bridesmaid... she was once (not too long ago) one of our youth group girls! Anyway- it was a beautiful wedding and everyone had a blast.
We love you, Taylor and Marissa!! We are so excited for this next stage of your life!
(Oh- and isn't my husband handsome? He's the good-looking guy in the second picture, and also sneaking in the background of the third-from-bottom. Man-oh-man, does he clean up nicely!!)
(And oh, oh [you know, like p.p.s], hasn't my hair gotten really long?!)
(Oh, oh, oh... what do you think about those smokin' hot red heels Marissa wore?!?!)

Hope your weekend wasn't as crazy as mine, and that you're soaking up every minute of family time that you get! Happy week-of-Christmas!


  1. love the red shoes and dresses.

    love the picture of you and jordan, and the one of him sneaking up behind you.

    love your hair long.

    love YOU! :)

  2. smokin hot Kristen with the long, beautiful hair! :) I also think photography is perhaps a way for you to earn an income. VERY nice shots!!!! And here I thought you were such a good photographer because of your subjects (namely my awesome grandchildren) - but these random shots - they are great and I'm sure Marissa will love them!!!!! I love you honey - see you in a few...... Mom

  3. very nice. And yes, I was thinking that your hair has gotten long. it looks pretty.

  4. Fabulous pictures!!!! Way to go! You are quite the emerging photographer. I had no idea they were engaged. How fun!


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