Wednesday, December 28, 2011

right now:

(I'm ripping this off from my friend Katie over at thanks for the idea, Katie!!)
Right now, I am:
Watching: my computer screen... but my husband is watching a war movie of sorts.

Eating: popcorn. my daily afternoon snack of choice!

Drinking: Cherry Coke zero. It was on sale, so I splurged. Thinking the pop is going to go with the new year though... My h2o consumption has been incredibly lacking, and I think that's probably contributing to my lack-of health!

Wearing: new yoga pants! my mom uniform.

Avoiding: picking up the same new toys for the twelfth time today. Someone said on facebook, "Picking up toys after Christmas is like shoveling snow while it's still snowing." amen and amen. 

Feeling: Excited. I'm purging again everywhere in this house... and the thought of simplifying our lives-- less stuff, less mess, less busyness- has me really excited for a new year. I managed to find a whole garbage bag worth of rogue pot lids and tupperware and junky pans to rid our kitchen of today, and I cannot believe how nice it feels to have a little bit of order. Sigh. Freedom.

Missing: Sunshine. Already. Indiana is so grey these winter months!

 Thankful: for family time. Wonderful time spent with both of our families, aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents over the weekend. A whole week of just the five of us at home. Time just together. Much needed. I'm really thankful for that.
Weather: Unusually warm for this time of year, with just a dusting of snow yesterday.

Praying: that 2012 will be a year of intentionality-- of time spent, of words, of finances, of discipleship, of parenting.

Needing: to finish throwing away empty boxes and ridding the toy room of old 'stuff' to make room for the new. Needing to find a new method of organization for all of the art supplies and games... but so out of space?! Needing a strike of genius to figure it out! ha.

Thinking: of ways to rearrange this house to make it better function for our family. Also thinking that selling it would be really awesome right about now. :)

Loving: the way my big kids play together. this stage that Nora is in. this week of just family time. 

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