Wednesday, December 7, 2011

a little photo fun

I've loved all of the pictures I've seen lately with the Christmas lights hanging in the background, and Cate had dressed herself in her twirly black tutu skirt before even leaving her bedroom this morning, so I thought why not give these pictures a whirl?! 


A little festive fun, right?!
We finally decked the halls last night (tree included) and the kids are ecstatic. We even strung a row of lights in each of their rooms, and they are thrilled.
I've spent too much time playing around this morning and need to get some housework done --- lots of friends to be filling it the remainder of the week! Much to be excited about!!

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    I did the same thing w/my boys. I used my 4-poster bead to hang up a white sheet w/lights in front of it. Then used another white sheet on the bed for extra light reflection, added my reflector next to the big window and viola! instant fake stuido lighting! :)

    love the tutu!


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