Sunday, May 2, 2010

photo session, sophie

 Sophie is a 1 1/2 year old little girl who is full of personality and curiosity. She was my first toddler photo session who is not my own toddler- and I had blast. It was definitely challenge and I know I need to work on posing, but that's why I'm doing things the way I am right now- simply to learn! I ran around like a crazy woman, sang the Elmo theme song, paused for some crackers, and walked away with some decent shots. I am more convinced every single day that I LOVE photography and everything about it.
Anyway, some pictures:
Hope your weekends were great!


  1. Props to you - these are great! You are wonderful with kids, and it will only get easier with each session you do.

    I hope you are well! : )

  2. Hi!

    Those pictures are great. You have a great eye for the light. One of my friends from MOPS is a professional photographer. She loves to mentor other photographers too (and has young kids to boot). I love her to pieces. If you go to my Facebook page you can look up Andrea Cooper and send her a friend request. She has done really cool shoots with other female photographers so that they can practice posing (glamour, rock the dress, old Hollywood style, etc). She also is a member of a Facebook page called The Darkroom Society. They do photo challenges and give feedback (nicely).

  3. love love love them all but especially the one in the sunglasses. i can't wait to have babies so you can take pictures of them!! :)


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