Friday, May 21, 2010

Corban talk

This week was a hard one. A lot of life circumstances plus a 78 hour work week for my husband and we're all exhausted and worn down. It seemed to all catch up with me tonight and I broke. We were in the truck and I was sobbing. Of course, the kids picked up on it, and Corban asked over and over, "Is Mommy crying? Is she sad?" multiple times. After Jordan quickly answering him and turning his attention back to me, Corban interjected again. "Daddy! Daddy!" Jordan turned his ears to Corban, who went on to say, "Is Mommy sad? You should pray for her, Daddy. Pray for Mommy."
So then I cried and cried... blown away by my baby boy.
We got home and Jordan took off a shirt and was walking through the kitchen.
"What are you doing, Daddy?" Corban asked.
"Just putting my shirt in the dirty clothes." he responded.
"Good job, big boy!" my son quickly responded.
I laughed.
Really hard.
These kids don't miss a beat, do they?
Earlier this week, I overheard him performing instead of napping. He'd been singing for quite some time and then I heard him say, "Alright guys, I'm just playing one more song for you tonight. That's all!" and then he went on to sing about growing big and stronger and jumping high to the sky and being Mr. Baseball player. When I went into his room a few minutes later, I was scolded as I picked up his vertically lined up pieces of train track... He told me I was ruining his piano.
I'm so thankful for that sweet, wild, energetic, imaginative little boy of ours. What a sweet, sweet gift he is. I'm so thankful for his sense of humor, his curiosity, his zeal for living, that deep belly laugh he generously gives. I can't believe we're pushing three years already...where does the time go?
Anyway, a few pictures- that well represent my Corbanator:

And in case you happen to catch that minor detail of mismatched shoes... oh, brother. You see, my children NEVER leave their shoes on in the car, so I just don't bother putting them on before we leave. I grabbed Corban's shoes to carry them to the van, and only one made it in the door- the other remained in the driveway. Of course this wasn't realized until we'd reach the park. Thankfully, we had a lone Croc stuck behind the seat underneath the stroller. He didn't mind a bit- he thought it was funny. That's my boy, for you. :)
And just for fun, a picture of Cate:
(Cate stories will be for another day. The kids just went to bed, and we're going to watch a movie.)
Happy Weekend!


  1. Aw I love Corban! (And I've never met him!) He's so cute and oh gosh those things he said are just precious. I can't believe he's almost 3 either...I can remember when you had him and I was oohing and ahhing over the fact that he was the cutest, chubby-cheeked baby I had ever seen! And my oh my does miss Cate have some adorable clothes...I love that pic!

  2. What a sweet post : ) I barely got to know your babies but I love them!

  3. funny, the mismatched shoes! That's the first thing I noticed when I saw that photo.
    I love hearing all the sweet things he says. In fact I've been compiling a similar post for a few weeks. It seems like Elijah says something beyond his years so often I can't keep up. Tonight he knelt beside his bed and said something with his face smashed between his hands. When I asked what he was doing he said "Oh, just waiting for my answer. I asked Jesus to be with me and protect me so I don't get scared. And see?! He's all over the place." as he gestured with his arms around the room. Stuff like that just amazes me!

  4. so sweet - I'm looking forward to that age. Corban seems like such a sweet, smart little boy. I bet you do feel lucky. It's amazing what they can pick up. I hope this week will be better for you.

  5. Well I teared up and cracked up (literally) at this post. Corban is just plain awesome.


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