Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the many faces...

of Cate Taylor.
15.5 months old.
22 lbs 6 oz.
31 inches long.
50th percentile for everything.
walking, talking, loving baby girl.


  1. She is so. stinkin'. ADORABLE!!!

  2. You guys make the most beautiful babies.

  3. Cate is such a little beauty. I love her curls and serious expressions. That's all I can get from Leon now when I pull my camera out. Also, your portraits of Sophie are very cute. Posing is always an issue for me too and it's especially hard with toddlers. However, my favorites tend to be the ones that are a little more candid anyway. You should check out this ladies photography. She's a great inspiration to me. http://www.darling-art.com/

    PS - Thanks for the comments you left on my blog - I always enjoy reading them.

  4. She's so gorgeous!

    Happy Mother's Day, Kristen! I wish I could see you while you're here in TX!


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