Sunday, February 28, 2010

working hard/ hardly working

This is what my counters looked like most of the weekend.
The results:

I'm having WAY too much fun with all of this... dreaming up projects, trying to make them work like I picture in my brain, seam ripping, trying again.
I signed up for our church's craft fair.
I'm really nervous about it, if you want to know the truth.
But- I'm really enjoying doing this right now, and if it happens to, well... pay for itself- ha! (I think I have a fabric addiction), then that's swell.
That's about all I've got right now... other than two sick children.
And running water!
(In case you didn't hear- we were without for FOUR days, ladies and gentlemen. FOUR days, the same week that our breaks went out in our van and our furnace went out in our house. I'm happy to report that God provided yet again, and we somehow managed...and are extremely thankful for family nearby and faucets that now expel water.)
 That's all.

This post was brought to you by these two cute faces:

Okay, fine, not really. But what's a picture post with no kiddos? =)
One more thing:
Your arrival has been long awaited!
Adios, Winter and welcome, spring.
Now- if Indiana could just get the memo...



  1. you are so crafty! and i am jealous.

    we have the same camera (almost) so how do you get your pictures to turn out so much better than mine?
    will you tutor me??

  2. Looks like you are having lots of fun!!!! I love sewing - it's great therapy and it always feels so good to create something. I love the fabrics you picked in your 2nd pic. I just got a sewing book called "One-Yard Wonders: 101 Sewing Fabric Projects" that has lots of cute patterns to use with only 1 yard of fabric. It's wonderful. Now, if we can only find the time to do it. sigh. Keep sewing and showing us your lovely projects!

  3. you ARE so crafty! i read your posts and wonder how in the world i will ever become as domestic as you! :) and the self-take...well, you look gorgeous. i forgot how stinking beautiful you are because i haven't seen you in FOREVER! keep enjoying, keep're doing great-- and i'll be praying for that craft fair! ;)

  4. What a week. Our furnace went out as did the transmission in the car. However, I did get a wet bag done for baby boy. Sounds like we had a very similar week, although I was able to shampoo my hair. BTW, love the blanket. How adorable.
    Sarah Kim

  5. I'm so jealous! It looks likes you're mastering the art of sewing :) I'm working on it...I actually just bought the book Kelly referred to, I've been eyeing it forever and she inspired me :)

    ps. the kiddos are SO cute!

  6. I wish I was crafty somewhere other than the computer! That all looks adorable! And I am at a loss for where to find a blanket that is silk on one side and soft dotted fabric (exactly like the fabric you used on the back of that ribbon blanket) on the other side. That is what Jax's blanky is like, with a silk edge, and if you're taking orders, I'd love to pay you to custom make one for him!

    And thanks so much for the kind words about my business. It really is going better than I ever could have imagined & I LOVE what I do! :)

  7. cute stuff. I really like the headband on Cate.


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