Thursday, February 4, 2010


I love to drink coffee. And I love to drink coffee in this mug that my dear friend Hopey made for me. What a sweet reminder it contains- a verse that has meant so many things to me over the last year (which is a whole 'nother post that is being written in my brain), but today- it was the kick in the pants that I needed.
I've been downright grumpy this afternoon. I was playing the woe-is-me game as I poured my mid-afternoon cup of coffee and stopped actually just to take this picture. (I'm trying to learn the manual settings on my camera and have been taking pictures of inanimate objects to help me do so.) Anyway, as I loaded it onto the computer, I read and re-read the verse as words that I said to my son today ran through my head... "You can choose to do the right thing right now..." Ah. Yes.
I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Psalm 27:13
You see, I can choose to focus on myself and all the things I wish were different and how I wish there were more hours in the day for me to just do whatever I want- the 'woe-is-me' game... or I can choose to see the goodness of the Lord in all that He has surrounded me so obviously with, that He's placed me right in the middle of, that He's given to me to take care of.  And so right now, that's what I'm doing. And I'm sharing my list of goodness with you. Nothing earth-shattering, just the simple things that remind of the goodness of God... that remind me how good I really do have it, how blessed I really am.
- That precious son of my mine, the way he grabbed my face with both hands and snuggled right up next to me as I held him in his bed.
- Cate's tender heart. As silly as it seems, her tears over hurt feelings. I love seeing how God has made her, wired her, created her, to be sensitive and gentle.
-my home, this house. Way more than we ever dreamed possible and slowly becoming ours, just as dreamed of from that first time we stepped foot in here.
-and along that same line, my bedroom, which I think will soon be becoming my favorite room in the house. I'm dreaming up the finishing touches that I've put on hold for so long (over 2 years, ahem). I'm talking, new curtains and throw pillows made by me, decor on the wall, finished trim and then a sewing area.
-finding the exact french press that I wanted (after I broke the one I received for a gift 4 days and 1 use after getting) on clearance for $7 (down from $30)
-nap time, which enables me to sit and drink my coffee and read and write (and cook and clean, but, well, this is my list, right?? joking, joking)
-my church. and more specifically, our youth group kids. Guys, I've been blown away by their hearts- to love and serve and follow after Jesus. We've got a group of kids who come early and stay late just to PRAY. Seriously. What a privilege to be a part of their lives, to watch them grow, to encourage them. Also, we started a girls Bible study last week and I'm really excited about that, too. Exciting things are happening!
-yoga pants and hooded sweatshirts. We can call it my work uniform, if you want.
-my camera. Let's be honest. Easily my favorite purchase of all time.
-Coffee. Yum. This vanilla carmel creamer is just okay, but otherwise this cup is good.
-Fresh air. So what if it was 27 degrees when we took a walk yesterday?! We bundled up and it felt good just to get out and move.
- Encouragement from the Word right when you need it. :)
I've got a lot to be thankful for, a lot of little things that make me smile, two beautiful children who bring me more joy than ever imagined, a God whose mercy remains despite my failures, whose grace doesn't run out when I get grumpy, whose love doesn't change with my mood or actions. A lot to be thankful for, indeed. 
I WILL see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.
Happy Thursday!

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