Thursday, February 18, 2010

the view from here:

is cold.
Sadly- this is a picture of my thermostat, in my hallway, displaying the coldest temperature that it reads. I'm confident that it is, in all actuality, much colder. That's fun, right? Especially since we ran out of wood, since we live in Indiana, since it's winter time. Thankfully, however, our van is fixed and we took a nice long stroll through Target. And thankfully, we have space heaters in all of our bedrooms upstairs. And lastly, thankfully, I have a handy husband who knows how to fix lots of things.
It won't be cold forever, right?

At least it looks like springtime in my kitchen! :) 
My husband had these delivered to me late last week and I am tremendously enjoying them. I don't think I have ever appreciated flowers as much as I do right now. I don't think I've ever appreciated sunshine or warmth as much I do would right now, either. This has definitely been the longest winter of my life. I nearly cried when I checked the 10 day forecast on Sunday and there were zero days above freezing and seven of the ten expecting snow. Thankfully, the weather man got it wrong and it hit 36 degrees today!
Oh, and the flowers are sitting on (for photographing purposes only) a sweet vintage sheet I found at goodwill today. It was screaming my name, and before I got it home I decided that it belonged, somehow, in my kitchen. We'll see what it ends up as, but I'm excited!
And here, just because I like them, are my children dancing to the Veggie Tales theme song. That's kind of like sunshine, right? 
And my son, looking proudly at his creation. He's got an incredible imagination, loves to use his hands and build and dream. I wish I could bottle up that curiosity, zeal... I hope he's always like that. I hope he's not always mean to Cate, and not always challenging every word I say, however. We've had some rough days... but some good moments, and right now, I'm treasuring those.

What a random post! Just snippets of my day, I guess. Off to snuggle up in my down comforter and snooze for a few minutes while waiting for the kids to get up or Jordan to get home.


  1. today I was excited to feel the sun at 45 degrees. It almost makes me think spring is coming!

  2. Aw I love these pictures! Your flowers are beautiful! Send the cold weather to us. :)
    I do remember that she got her fangs first! How funny! His front teeth are definitely on their way in close behind too.

  3. Woah! sorry about your furnace. You got that fixed though, right? Our house is old and has NO insulation in the walls or under the floor so we have a cold house all the time. I envy people with warm houses in the winter. :)

    I LOVE the sheet. I think you need to put a hem around it and make a sunny happy tablecloth.


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