Monday, February 1, 2010 the rescue!

Seriously. Melt my Mama heart.
I've dreamed of these days... of superhero capes and fighting bad guys for years, from before I knew those blue eyes and scrumptious cheeks, when all I knew was kicks and stretches felt from the inside. I've imagined these days, and oh, how I melted (okay, fine- and giggled) when he looked up and said:
"Mama. I are Batman. I fight. Where da bad guys?"
Seriously. Those were his words after putting his fresh-from-my-sewing-machine cape on for the first time.
And then he runs off, to find his weapon of choice... the Spiderman baseball bat, naturally.
My Corbanator. The Superhero.
Have I mentioned lately that I love 2 1/2?
Because I do.


  1. best pic, hands down, jumping from play room to family room. love love LOVE it.

  2. precious! i've been spending lots of time with my sewing machine lately too...aren't they wonderful little things?!

  3. Awesome!! I love your sewing skills... and your little caped crusader! :)

  4. My favorite is when he is jumping off the steps... way to capture that! where did you find your camera??

  5. nice job on the cape!! He's getting so big!

  6. I love 2 1/2 too!!!! Corbanator to the rescue! Good job on the cape you little Suzie homemaker you..... Love you. Mom

  7. Oh my word! What a cutie! Of course, it's probably not good for superheros to be cute, but this one sure is! Great job on the cape! He has to be in little boy heaven with his very own cape!

  8. Congrats! He will be right at home at our house! Next week? You, me, the kids and some chai?


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