Thursday, January 7, 2010

to be fair..

Now I know that I didn't, you know, get Corban dressed, brush his hair, or edit these photos, but I had to show you my baby boy.. to be fair and all. Isn't he funny?! He asked if he could make funny faces for me.  Those 'cheese' faces... man, I love my Corban!
What do you think of my new flash?! Can you tell a difference? I majorly can- and am thrilled to say the least! (thanks, Mom!)
What else?
It snowed. A lot.
I'm still wearing the same thing I was 30 hours ago.
Corban and I made some bread today.
And watched a movie while eating popcorn.
I think Cate is overcoming her hatred of all things not-carbs. This is good.
She got a tooth! Funny though, it's her top right incisor. No front teeth for her!
She's also signing 'more' and 'all done' and says baba (bottle), mama, dada, nana (when she wants to eat)...
Corban loves to ride his motorcycle. Even while watching his movie. See:

Also take note note in the picture: new pillows, throw, toddling baby girl, and mess abundant.
And with that, I'll end this way too exciting post.
Happy... snow day?


  1. looks like a fun day! what movie did you watch??

  2. i truly believe corban to be the most adorable boy EVER.

  3. I'm going to have to agree with the other poster. I have said it since he was a baby, but Corban really is one of the cutest boys I have EVER seen!

    And I love that you're letting his hair get shaggy. When/IF my kid ever does get hair, we'll be letting it grow! Especially since it's curly and I think toddlers with shaggy, curly hair are super cute. :)

  4. Oh and did you get a Speedlight? I've been lusting after one forever, but I think I'll just get a Lightscoop for now, since they're so pricey. Glad to hear you love it...I can REALLY tell a difference!

  5. who could EVER resist THAT little boy!!!!????? Love, love, love those pictures that truly capture our Corinski! :) Love you - - - Mom

  6. I mean Corbinski! :)


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