Wednesday, January 13, 2010

if you give a kid a cuke... (and mushy mom stuff)

Sneaky little boy, I have... I was in the other room with Caters and came back to find him munching on the whole thing! Turned around again, and bam! The cucumber was standing straight up! Who knew?! A teething ring and science project... all for 50 cents. :)
These kids of mine... joy unspeakable. I can't imagine where this heart would be without them. Praising God for His precious gifts, for precious moments, for tender hearted, rough-housing little boys, and energetic, cuddly baby girls. This week of being a Mama has been good, sweet, refreshing. Not perfect by any means, but what I needed. I wish I could package 2 1/2 up and keep it forever. I really love and enjoy who Corban is, who he is becoming... his creative mind (as evidenced above), his mischievousness, that belly laugh. It's crazy how a hearts capacity to love just grows and grows. Cate- well, she'll be getting a whole post later this week, as her birthday is Saturday... but I love 1, too. The beginnings of so much personality, lots of giggles, temper tantrums, and a love for Mama that is so strong.
Have I mentioned lately that I love, love, love being a Mom?
Well, I do.
More than anything in this world.
Hope your week is treating you well!

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