Tuesday, June 9, 2009

trying almost twos

It's been one of those days. You know, the ones where your children cry for no reason, are inconsolable, won't listen worth a darn, refuse to take a nap, undo every mess you clean up, climb over every barricade you make, refuse to take a nap, hit, yell, throw, leave, cry, refuse to take a nap...
Which makes me want to: yell, cry, throw, leave, take a nap.
I'm just not very good at days like these. Patience is incredibly lacking. I'm out of ideas to entertain, out of ways to discipline. Nothing I try is seeming at all effective, and we're all cranky and frustrated with eachother. And when I say all, I meant that little (nearly) 2 year old son and myself- Cate's been as sweet as could be. Corban... not so much. He has his moments. Really, really sweet moments. But it's hard to look past the vast majority of those which are not on days like today. Hmph.
I hear quiet- wait- I mean it is quiet, and I just heard little footsteps stomping to the bed. Is my strong-willed, bull-headed little one tossing up the white flag? I sure hope so. And I hope that my sweet other little one doesn't start to cry any time soon. Because that would start the whole cycle over again. The second Corban hears me, he's out of bed and at his gate. And by gate I mean: door and gate blocked in by giant mirror/chair/and book shelf. Yes indeed. It's the only way we can keep him in his room. You take away any of those ingredients and he escapes without a hitch.
What's a Mom to do?
I never bought into that 'terrible twos' bologna... but my mind is quickly changing-haha. Except I think 'trying twos' sounds better, and more appropriate. It's NOT terrible. There are moments that are really really hard, but typically, most days are pretty good. Trying moments, not a terrible year.
Anyway, I guess I'm done complaining now. The kiddos are asleep now, and I'm either going to do the dishes or take a nap. We'll see.


  1. Whew, I'm so glad they are napping. I hope that gives you time to recover from all the drama. I SO know that situation. We have those often at our house too.

    I have several fail-safe options you might want to try when times get desperate...
    Put them in the stroller and take a walk. Run a tub of water and let him "swim" in the tub for a while (maybe even mix it up a bit by letting him play with non-bath toys, shaving cream, or add a few drops of blue food coloring to the water for fun). Play in the hose in the back yard. Give him a giant wedge of watermelon and let him go to town on it (naked and outside of course). Take a drive, and mabye a stop in to the McDonalds playplace. Sidewalk chalk. Wagon rides. Water balloons. Popcicles outside.
    Or maybe lock him in his room and force him to take a nap. That's always a good one too. :)

    Hang in there. I know it's tough, but you're a great mommy. :)

  2. Oh....those are days I can relate to times 4!!! I'd opt for the nap with a wee bit of chocolate thrown in for mood:)
    Just remember that even if the disciplining doesn't seem to be working, it is. Stay consistent and don't give up. He's figuring out how to push your buttons and what it takes to get you to cave in. It's hard. Harder than hard. But the reward will be a boy who can obey and will be able to act on the will of God when the time is right.

  3. Girlfriend, I am there with you. This too shall pass! You can come over here and join the chaos! Thanks for your honsety!

  4. Hosanna is almost four...done with the "two's" now we're onto the fours...which equal 14's in her mind.

    Zuri is almost two....looking forward.
    It's honest posts like these that are so helpful along that road.

  5. Hey--I just got your message on my cell phone! I"m so sorry I missed your call. I hope that your books have come. I got them from the library. sorry I can't help. I'll be praying!


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