Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm sitting here, listening to the airplanes fly over our home and I love it. I wish you could've seen Corban's eyes light up, heard that deep belly laugh of utter delight when he saw the duo blue angels swooping overhead. It's a picture in my mind I never want to forget... teeth showing, head thrown back, squeals escaping uncontrollably as he pointed at t he sky. Oh, to just sit and be amazed. Nothing forced, nothing getting in the way- just pure, unbridled excitement. No reservations of what Mama would think of his reaction, no worries of if he was being watched... just feeling deeply, just being.
I love my little boy.
I love that curiousity, that excitement- I want to appreciate that more. He's so full of life. Loves to love. Would do anything to make you smile...
There are many lessons to be learned from my toddler. What a privelidge I've been given, to be a mother Corban Gabriel.

Thank You, Jesus, for this sweet gift You've given me. I love those blue eyes, that curious heart, that deep laugh, that unending energy... What a precious, precious gift. Thank You.

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  1. This is so sweet. I love to hear sappy stuff like this. :)
    And I too get a little overcome with excitement when I see the blue angels.


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