Sunday, June 14, 2009

I can't make this stuff up!

Well, I had several things I wanted to write about, but was incredibly interrupted by my son coming down the stairs.

It's not that him coming down the stairs is a problem... I love Corban, love his company.
It's just a problem when, you know, he was locked in his bedroom.
When I say locked in, I mean, lock on the outside of the door locked in.
I thought our problems were solved. I thought our naptime/bedtime dilemmas were finished. Since he climbs everything that reaches to the sun and back, this really was our only and safest remaining option. Gates don't hold him. Things blocking the gate don't keep him in. Doors don't remain shut, locks won't stay locked. We figured putting the lock on the side opposite of where he was would finally contain him to his room.

We were wrong.

Can you imagine my shock when I heard him slam his gate and run towards the stairs? Hm. I quickly picked him up mid-stairs, took him back to his room, scratching my head trying to figure out how in the heck he got out. My jaw hit the floor when I entered his room. Naturally, of course... any not yet two year old would think to do this, right?
Ladies and gentlemen, I have have an escape artist on my hands:


DISCLAIMER: The keys are an old set that he just plays with. I didn't even realize they were in his room. The lock doesn't use keys- it's just one that you turn.


  1. SO the kid stole your keys B4 you locked him up? thats classic

  2. kristen,

    that is awesome! ahaha. i love reading periodically and being able to catch up on your life (indirectly as it may be unfortunately). glad you're doing well and so glad that jd is doing well also. i miss you, girl! take care!


  3. Oh MY goodness!! That boy is crafty.
    You might want to consider a sliding lock or a hook-n-eye lock on the outside of his door... way up high. :) I'm lucky Elijah hasn't figured out how to escape yet!!

  4. LOL! You have an "Austin" on your hands! Keeps life busy and VERY interesting. I love hearing stories about Corbin because it never fails to bring back a comperable memory of my little Austin! :)


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