Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I have a messy house. I, myself, am messy. And by messy I mean: cinnamon roll icing, coffee, spitup, and sweat smeared all over. Corban, the same, plus pizza sauce from the leftover, cold pizza he ate as part of his breakfast. (It was accompanied by blueberries, grapes, and a banana, so my mother of the year award is still in place, right?) I also have two loads of laundry sitting in baskets waiting to be folded, and one folded waiting to be put away. Groceries are piled high on my counter, and here I sit, writing a blog. Sounds reasonable, right? Because afterall, those things can wait.. right?
Okay, maybe they shouldn't wait- but they're going to have to for a minute. Corban's watching Sesame Street, Cate is sleeping, and I have the first quiet moments to myself in days. I'm taking advantage of it. And I'm also sweating. You see, it's June 24th in Indiana, home of the hellacious humidity, and it's full force today. And my air condition has yet to be turned on. This, honestly, is the first (okay, maybe second) day that it's been really really miserable in here, and I'm ready to go crazy. Or take a shower. Or go somewhere in my van just for a little break. I tried to turn th a/c on but it was a failed attempt. I forgot that you have to do something in the garage to switch it from the furnace to the a/c... or something. Something that requires my husbands assistance, which I currently cannot get as he will NOT answer his darn phone.
And so I sit and sweat. And blog and not clean.
So- what have we been up to?! Well, we've had lots of visitors in and out of our home. We've eaten lots of food, had lots of late night conversation, been encouraged, challenged, content. We took a weekend trip to Lexington to see some of our best friends and had an incredible time. Really- it was exactly what we needed. [Do you have those friends, people, where you're just so comfortable in their presence? No masks, no walls... just ease? People, who, no matter where you are, when you're with them, it feels like home? That's the kind of friends these people are to us. It was a refreshing weekend, a great time.] We also spent some time in Cville with our families, which was also an incredible time. We got to see extended family, parents, siblings... I am so incredibly blessed to have the family that I do.
Anyway, I've got lots of pictures I want to put up, but it didn't load the first time (imagine that), my daughter is crying, Corban's tv time is up, and I'm still sweating. I must find a way to remedy this. So- until I find another free moment (which who knows when that will be...), enjoy your day!
(I tried again, and it worked)

PS- I forgot to mention: my son is speaking real, full sentences. My daughter is really really really close to crawling. You read that right- my 5 month old daughter is almost crawling. She gets up on hands and knees and tries to move forward, but hasn't figured out the arm part yet. She also gets up on her toes and hands. It's unbelievable.
And- I just turned the a/c on. Praise the Lord!


  1. Reminds me of that poem that Laurie Daniels cross-stiched me when you were born.... Cleaning and scrubbing can wait til tomorrow - cause children grow up, we've learned to our sorrow. So quite down cob-webs - dust go to sleep. I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep.... Enjoy my sweet Kristen - enjoy..... I love you. Mom

  2. Where was he in that picture? It looks like he was playing in a fountain. :) cute!

    I can't believe Cate is almost crawling!! She's too big for her britches.

    What does Corban say when he uses sentences?

  3. Kristen--you are like every other mom around! You should see my laundry--three loads piled in front of the dryer (clean), and 4 more piles out in the game room that have been sitting there for 5 days. Normal. You should see my bathroom and smell the boys' bathroom (gotta love potty training.) I love that you blog when I do--when you should be doing something else! Go girl--no AC. You see, I have no AC just to be stubborn and save money! OK. thanks for your honesty!

    Granola Mom (AKA Lynn) :)

  4. You haven't experienced humidity until you've lived in Arkansas. Simply step outside and you break into a sweat. No joke.


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