Friday, April 17, 2009

so what do you think?!

I totally changed my blog today. I need to do more resizing to the header, but I've wasted WAYYYYYYY too much time on this darn computer already. I only have 967,834 loads of laundry waiting to be washed and/or folded and I spent nap time giving my blog a facelift. I'm in the middle of spring cleaning, and have emptied out drawers, closets, etc. pulling out things that don't fit or don't get worn to pack up or give away. However, a lot of that stuff got stopped in transition, so there are clothes strewn all throughout my house, making it look quite messy and unwelcoming.
I also changed the 'name' of my blog. It previously was just a . , now it's 'the mcg family'. Woohoo! I'm considering making it a more widely known thing that I do this... mostly just a few friends and family members known. But I really enjoy doing it, and wouldn't mind a bigger 'readership'. Still debating though.
Lastly, this weather makes my heart very happy. We ventured out of our germ-hole/laundry pit this afternoon, and I took the kids on a nice walk. I ran into Mama Bears first to get a chai, and then ventured down the road, Cate in the wrap, Corban in the stroller. I somehow managed to spill a good bit of chai all over my flip-flop-laden-feet, however, so I was a sticky mess. Oh well, saved a few calories?! haha. We walked over Geist Resevoir, and stopped at a patch of grass to sit and watch the geese in the water. I loved hearing Corban jabber on about what he was seeing! I love seeing how his little mind grows and learns every day.
Anyway, I'm really getting off now. Enough is enough already! Off to fold the laundry that's downstairs at least. :)


  1. I love the changes!

  2. Very cute! I actually took the time this morning to update mine also! You inspired me! Hope Corban is feeling better, we have been praying for him.

  3. the new look is super cute kristen! i just love hearing how your little fam is doing :)

  4. I love your pics and the look of your blog! How do you change the name of your blog? I need to do that! I couldn't think of anything when I started mine. Not that I've been using it...

  5. the new layout looks very nice. I've started making new ones at the beginning of each month w/more recent photos.


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