Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Last night I did something that I haven't done in years.

Jordan and I packed up the double jogger, measured out a course and set out to run 4 miles. When we returned to the school where our van was, we felt too good to stop, so put in a quick, hard mile on the track, making our total 5.25 miles on the evening.

Man. It was incredible.

We chit-chatted, didn't have a watch going, just enjoyed the evening- no pressure at all. I've always, always wanted Jordan to run with me... but he never used to like to. It probably had something to do with the fact that I could beat him- just joking.. sort of. I'm so thankful that he WANTS to now! But anyway, he's been working SO hard since January on getting (and staying) in shape. (I'm so proud of him, btw, and he looks AMAZING!) It was so nice for him to be able to push me and keep me going! We both had our doubts about being able to complete 4 miles to begin with (which is really embarassing for this once nationally ranked runner...), but we finished it very easily, pushing the return trip into the wind and picking up the pace. Once we got on the track- I remembered all of the reasons I love to run. I worked into a nice pace, breath nice and steady, arms and legs moving fluidly. Gosh, I felt alive. I even found myself strategizing and picking it up here and striding out there. It was incredibly relaxing, motivating, freeing, enjoyable. I can't wait until my run today. And it's been a loooooong time since I've been able to say that.

Moving on, as I'm sure you're all bored to tears.
CALLING ALL MOMS: Do you allow your toddler to watch tv ever? What shows have you found appropriate? Movies?

We don't have any kid friendly movies (yet). I let Corban watch Curious George(which he's currently doing), and will flip on PBS random times during the day, but am feeling really convicted about it, after I heard DW on Arthur drop a "I could kill them" out of anger. I know to some of you that may seem small, but I see how impressionable Corban is. He picks up on attitudes, actions, phrases. I want to be so careful about what we're allowing in. Jordan says 'let's just get rid of the tv', which is half tempting, but there are days when it's so nice to pop in a movie for Corban, watch an episode or two of House during nap time, etc. So- what's on your tv??

Also heavy on my heart this week- my little brother has his 12th round of chemo today. That transpires to 24 weeks, or nearly 6 months of this. And it's getting hard. He's always had the most incredible attitude in all of the rough things he's faced, but this is taking it's toll. He dreads chemo... and if I could think of a stronger word, I would use it. Thank God, he's only sick chemo day and the day after, but those two days are pretty terrible. He has an MRI on May 19th, which will help determine the course of action from here. Please- keep praying!

I'm not kidding you when I say that he handles this better than the rest of us. And it's not naivety- he knows what's going on. He's an amazing, incredible young man. He told my mom the other day, with confidence, with a quit-worrying-about-it tone, that he knows all of the cancer cells are dead. Praying that he is oh-so-right. Mom was also talking to him about losing his hair (which, after 6 months, is just starting to happen- he lost it all on his arms and legs awhile ago, but just now is his hair obviously thinning). Anyway- she was talking to him about it and he very non-chalantly says "Mom- it's just hair. And it's not like I'll be bald forever. It'll grow back some day." Always finding the positive! I'm so so proud of the young man that he is turning into. I could learn a lot from him for sure.

And lastly- I found this incredibly hilarious and sums up my day yesterday:


  1. First off, praying for JD! He is an inspiration!

    Second, we own a ginormous plasma screen, that I find obtrusive some days and my saving grace (not literally, but you know what I mean!) the next! We don't have cable or a dish, so the only cartoons are fuzzy WFYI, which are pretty decent. I allow them all the way up to Barney, he is not allowed to watch him! Then the ones in the afternoon are a no go because they promote evolution. I do however pop in movies quite often, Elmo is top of the ranks and then we have Madagascar, and An American Tale. I am trying to get movies that I have seen before so I know the content. I have a very hard time with this thing myself, because if it were my way there would be no tv, just a small one for occasional movies. BUT David is a gamer and the tv is mostly for that, and for movies when he is home. I understand the impressionable thing 100% because if Daniel doesn't pick it up from tv it is a game David plays or David's younger siblings (they are 8 and 11). It comes from all angles! David does the best he can to not play much but football around Daniel, but anyway considering they are boys it is going to be hard to shelter them from the rowdiness forever! I'll pray for you in this area if you pray for me in it too;)!

    Oh and those are some cute kiddos you got there! AND 5 some miles in one day!!!!!! Seriously, I wish I had your stamina! You go mama! This was long, sorry!

  2. I used to LOVE to run. Then I had my last baby and just haven't gotten back into the swing of things yet. But the natural high you get from running is amazing. I really does make you feel alive.

    My kids love the Veggie Tales. We have a couple of the movies and we have the CD in the car. They love them and have learned a lot of good morals through it and about God. If you are looking for good movies for your kids go by your Christian bookstore and look around.

  3. First, you might check out this blog. I think you might like it...

    Bethany is only 14 months, so we don't let her watch TV yet. However, when Jonathan was little we were very selective. We didn't even let him watch Veggietales until he was a lot older because he mimicked Bob and Larry and their conflict with each other.

    We did like at that age Prayer Bear, Hide em in you heart, Guideposts for Kids videos, Miss Pattycake, Mary Lou Retton's Flip Flop Shop. We also allowed Barney on videos that we had prescreened. We also liked Dragontales a lot. Some people don't though because the dragons wear crystals that glow when they do something brave. We just talked with Jon that in Dragonland that was a special way for God and the Dragon's parents to let them know they were proud. We also liked Richard Scary videos.

    We don't have cable, but have our digital converter. Now we can get Qubo 24-7. It is channel 63-2.

    A great series for 4-5 year olds is The Storykeepers. It would still be a little scary for Corban though.

    We have a lot of the videos that I mentioned. If you would like to borrow them to try just have your husband let Paul know at school. They are mostly VHS though.

  4. You might check out the PBSKids.org website and pre-screen some of the videos there. They have new videos every Friday and they are usually only about 15 minutes or so. You can choose to watch them when and if you want and you can choose to re-play favorites. That's what my kiddos do.
    They are a bit older and we let them watch a little HGTV and Food Network. Our cable allows us to set up our remote in such a way that we can choose the "Kids" play list and it only flips through approved channels--weather, 2 Christian channels, HGTV, Food Network, and Noggin. They think it's awesome. Then again, we only let them watch TV once a week or so, and even them it's usually because I need to make a phonecall or I need to pray:)

    Cutie pic!

  5. I'm so impressed! Good for you and Jordan running together. :)

    We allow Elijah to watch Sesame Street -- he is IN LOVE with Elmo. btw, I swore to pre-baby self that I would never let my kids like Elmo because I find him so annoying. oh well. it's innocent and educational. But that's the only thing he watches on regular TV except wheel of fortune. (He likes to repeat the letter sounds.)

    Once, out of ignorance and laziness, I let him start to watch "Big Big World" on PBS, which comes on right after Sesame Street. But quickly figured out they have a very liberal and anti-biblical agenda. While there are some good ethical lessons like sharing and being kind, I didn't like that the show pushes evolution so flagrantly.

    He also likes Curious George the movie, but we haven't seen it on TV yet. I guess b/c I never turn it on during the day.

    We do let him watch Baby Einstein and Baby Praise (which is similar to Einstein). His fave is "A Day at the Farm".

  6. Hahaha ~ I love this picture! And I love your sweet children. And you and Jordan. I'm full of love.

    I'm not a mom (as I'm sure you know by now), but I think TV is impressionable for adults in a very huge way, and Brian and I are not getting cable when we move to Broad Ripple. It's so unnecessary, in my opinion. If you feel it would be better to get rid of the TV, then go for it! If you want to watch shows online, there's always hulu.com, which is free, and you can watch HGTV. And then Corban won't be picking up on things.
    After listening to you talk so passionately about running the other day, speaking about it so candidly, to hear that you went on a run (and with your husband to boot!) makes me smile. What motivates Jordan, by the way? Brian's been so down lately about the weight he's gained. What do you do to encourage him?

  7. Hey Kristen- Probably you know we don't have TV at all and I LOVE it!! It just doesn't suck up our time. I do let Caleb watch all the Pixar movies. He LOVES Cars and Madagascar. I know there are inuendoes and such but I figure he doesn't get them. We also watch Veggietales sometimes. He used to love Curious George but our DVD was bought in Ukraine and won't play on this computer. Oh yeah, we watch all our stuff on the laptop. Hope to get a projector someday.

    Caleb does watch some shows like Diego when he's at the grandparents' houses but I agree-you never know what's going to pop up between shows and I'd rather just have the TV off.

  8. Okay, that picture made my day. So funny. I don't have any opinions on the TV thing...I loved Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood as a kid and I turned out okay. Your posts about JD bring tears to my eyes. He has a wonderful family but on the flip side your family has a wonderful JD. I feel honored and humbled every day, knowing him. Amazing isn't a good enough word. Anyways, I know everyone is always encouraging him and it's hard on all of you too, so be strong, Big Sister. Be strong for him and let others be strong for you. God is good, He will see this through. xoxo



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