Sunday, August 4, 2013


Last week, my dear friend Lexi (of Lexi Russell Photography) snapped a few pictures of us after dinner. We needed an updated family photo for our missions website/prayer magnets/etc., as our last family pictures were taken when Nora was just over a year old, so we stopped by our church and had a real quick session. It was practically dark and super cloudy, but I love how 'us' these are. Funny how it works out... the very first picture we took ended up being the one where everyone is looking and smiling. The rest are just fun. :)

(I only watermarked them because there's been some issues with my images being stolen! Like I said, I didn't take these, just edited them.)

It's so crazy to me that these photos, too, will so quickly be outdated. We are just a few short months from our fourth baby joining us! I can't wrap my mind around being 25 weeks already! I have a lot to say about that- this new life, the months spent waiting and praying for this little one, the many emotions after having lost a baby and then carrying another one... I am just so thankful, so overwhelmed with gratitude for this sweet life growing inside of me. A whole post on the subject to come!

We are currently designing and ordering our prayer support cards, business cards, magnets, etc... It's all becoming so real. Have I said that already?! This week also marks the start of school for the kiddos- Corban to Kindergarten (still half day, praise the Lord!), and Caters to pre-school half-day everyday as well. I'm looking forward to settling into a new routine, though so sad that summer has passed so quickly. We have a lot to do in the next five months (!!!!) and the time with them in school should be helpful. They are really excited about returning, and I'm really grateful for that. Come January, we will begin homeschooling, so this time with them in school will allow me some time to research and prepare for that transition as well. So much change soon to be coming! As I've said in every post as of late, we really would love and appreciate prayer. For a list of things you could pray through, visit here: Also, feel free to look around the website if you haven't already- lots of info there! We had a few people ask about being able to subscribe via email, so we just added that to the site as well. It's so crazy to be in this season, to be just months away from this move... to be in a position where we know that only God can make all of this happen. It's going to be (amongst many other things) so sweet...

Have a great day! 

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  1. There is a great site for homeschooling:

    She has lots of great ideas, free printables, and a full curriculum.
    Love your new family pics!


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