Wednesday, August 7, 2013

first day!

First Day of School, 2013
 Caters, first day of Pre-K
 Corban, first day of kindergarten
They had an amazing first day and were so excited about going.
That bottom picture of the two of them is one I imagine will be on a slide show at their weddings... I pray that they always love each other like they do now, you know? They were in the same class last year (it happens when you're only 17 months apart!), but Corban moved up to Kindergarten this year and Cate is in Pre-K. Cate's teacher told me that he ran up and gave her a big hug when he saw her on the playground at recess. Truly, they are the best of friends and I am so thankful for their relationship. We had an amazing day of back-to-school shopping on Monday and were out literally all day. It was one of those 'my heart is bursting' type of days and I couldn't believe the ease with which we tackled our to-do lists and laughed and enjoyed doing so. We've come a long way, friends. Three babies in three years is no joke, but I praise God for his perfect timing and choosing us to bless us like He did, when He did. There were a couple of years when doing anything without another set of hands AND a stroller seemed impossible, but Monday was proof again that we are in a sweet, sweet new season.
I had two different moms stop me and ask the age of my kids (including the one in utero) who went on to tell me about their four children close in age. One mama said her children are now ages 8-14 and she's 'blown away every day by how fun it is'. I love that; I love the mom's who take the time to encourage us who are earlier on in this sweet journey of motherhood.
I guess I am just feeling nostalgic and emotional at this quick new beginning that will soon lead to another new beginning. I am so thankful that they (the kiddos) will have the constancy of each other as we transition to all of the new that's coming, you know? I'm thankful that they get the excitement of first day of school, of new school supplies, of walking down the halls of Horizon for a few more months, and then I'm thankful that they'll have each other as peers and classmates in the next. All around- just feeling thankful.


  1. Awwww! I cannot believe how old they are now!! This was such a precious post; it made my heart smile to read about your sweet day together shopping and the encouragement you received from other moms. I love that they hugged each other at recess, too! So sweet!

  2. I could have written the exact same words about our 3 (soon to be 4) and the timing of it all and how sweet a season we are in. God is so good and I love Him for His perfect planning of families. So excited for you guys!


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