Thursday, February 28, 2013

this week:

in instagram photos:

  • We laid new flooring downstairs last week (which I LOVE) and had taken all of the trim off to do so. It needed to be re-painted, and I have far surpassed my trim-painting quota, so I passed it off to these eager helpers. :) Why, oh why, didn't we do it this way five years ago?!?
  • Nora has been fighting a cold and has just wanted her mama to hold her. She keeps asking to 'ride sling on mama'.. and I am more than happy to oblige. :)
  • I got to teach a class on the basics of photoshop for the influence network! I was crazy nervous, but it was really fun. A few hiccups, but all of the girls were so gracious. I loved it!
  • We bought a new (to us) van! I am way more excited about this than you could ever understand. 
  • The sun shone one time. So we played outside. This winter is beginning to feel a little never ending-- I am ready for some daylight in my life!
  • Corban has been learning to play Settlers. I love that he loves to be a part of the things we like to do, you know? (any other Settlers fans out there?!)
  • My girls are awesome. They were taking turns playing the drum while the other danced. Nora had chosen to wear her owl shirt with rainboots (on the wrong feet) and butterfly wings. 
  • I don't like this winter, but Nora's wonder at the snow = priceless. 
not pictured: Potty training for days. Laundry piles from being a week without a dryer. sisters becoming friends. endless lego building and my little pony play. Pretend mario kart races between Corban and Cate in their bedroom during 'nap time'. piles of pictures strewn throughout the house from my kiddos who love to color.

a good end of February week!

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