Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Eleven days into a new year...

I've made my bed for four days in a row. That is more than a combined total of like... my whole life.
Just ask my mom.

I also drank nearly 90 ounces of water today. Fo' real. Camelback water bottles are my best friend. 
And on sale for $11 at Target this week. 
Certain family members of mine who have teeth and are not my husband chewed holes in the tops of my last two.
I plan to keep this one far, far, far from their little mouths. ;) 

I began a new daily devotional-- my quick fix for the morning, to tide me over until quiet time in the afternoon. It's working well for me... I knew it was the right one for this year when day one talked about living intentionally, purposefully following hard after Jesus.
I'm still looking for a workbook type book to assist in my Bible studying. I just do better with that sort of structure at this stage in the game. I'm open to suggestions... hint hint.

I still need to sit down and make a budget. I have...four days remaining before I need to have it ready.
I read the Help last week and it was excellent. Really enjoyed it.
We continued our house purge over the weekend and it is absolutely unbelievable how much we've removed from our house. Disgusting, honestly. But-- it's freeing to have it gone. It is so nice to have order and structure, a place for things to go. To not have to shove and pile to make things fit. Ah. Relief.

We celebrated our girls' birthdays this past weekend! It was fantastic-- a wonderful time with friends and family that we love so much. I'll have pictures to come, but I have my computer on overload right now, as I am moving 50 GB of pictures to my external hard drive at the moment.

Nora had her One year well baby check up this week.
A peanut! :)
19 lbs, 10 oz, 28 inches long... 25th percentile across the board.
Other than the double ear infection, all was perfect with my sweet girl.

Lastly, my time off of 'work' has ended and I am SO glad to be back at it. I really, really, really missed doing it-- and that's a good feeling. 
However, there are serious parameters in place so that I can continue enjoying it instead of being overwhelmed by it, and most importantly, so that I can do wife and mom well. 

And on that note, if I have any plans of keeping up with the kiddos tomorrow, I better head to bed.
Better posts to come soon- ha!

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