Sunday, January 1, 2012

birthday girl

 My sweetie girl... Nora James..
one year old today.
Unbelievable to me.
 Oh sweet girl, you are such a precious gift.
I cannot believe a whole year has passed by...
The day you were born is so fresh in my mind--
a girl! I just knew you were a baby girl growing inside of me.
 You've been pleasant from the moment you arrived.
Easy going.
Everything I ever imagined a 'Nora' to be.
I love watching you emerge, your sweet personality.
You love people. Have the sweetest giggle. Love to jabber.
 You really love Mama. Love to be in my arms, in the sling, at my legs... wherever I am.
I love that, sweet Nora James.
(Oh, but you love your daddy, too! You light  up when he walks in, jump from my arms to his. You are so loved... not just mama and daddy, but Corban and Caters, too. They love their baby sister, have from the moment they met you.)
 I'm in no hurry, my sweet girl, for this age to pass.
The days go too quick...
just my newborn baby, and now, already, my one year old little girl.
 Baby girl-
You are a daily reminder of God's sovereignty and goodness
and kindness and love.
Joy does come with the morning.
 I hope that every day of your life you will know that you are treasured and you are loved.
 Such a gift...
My Nora James.
I am so thankful and so proud to your mama.
I love you, sweetie girl.
Happy First Birthday!

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  1. such sweet pictures! how can she be 1 already?! not possible. happy birthday, baby girl!


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