Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm still alive, in case you were wondering.
Settling in.
Lots of 'new' around here. 
New routines, new roles, new school. 
But it's good. We forced some time off this weekend, a chance to be a family, to enjoy one another, to simply relax... and it's been refreshing.
We're finishing off the weekend with a date tonight, just my husband and I.
There's so much we could be doing around the house, so many projects lined up, but this weekend, today.. the down time is more important.
That picture above?
I'm in love. 
Those babies, that man, the joy... 
so blessed, so thankful.

Back to editing... 
(it's hardly working, as I'm snuggled up next to Jordan, laying with a blanket on the couch while he watches a movie. I AM relaxing, don't you worry.)
Happy Labor Day!


  1. I WAS wondering! :) Its so good to take some down time.

    that is a beautiful photo of the 5 of you! I love it.

  2. isn't having a family just about the best thing in the ENTIRE world. one of God's greatest blessings! Good luck with all the projects - I've got my own long list before this baby comes in only 8.5 weeks!!!

  3. Sounds like you've been busy! I love that picture! How sweet!

  4. I ADORE that picture of your family! It is perfect. And makes me long for a family of my own even more. :) Thanks for sharing it!


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