Monday, July 12, 2010

yep, a hodge podge

I'm sitting here indulging in my pregnancy-induced chicken nugget addiction, but today, not because I want nuggets... but because I had to have something to dip in my hot buffalo sauce. My mouth is on fire and it is glorious. I just wish I could find something else to finish off the pile of sauce remaining on my plate...
It's been a darn good morning. Had a fantastic walk with my dear friend Katie, let the kids play at the park, visited a fruit stand, and now, sitting and relaxing while my kiddos sleep.
Can you believe it's mid-July? Already? I wish I could become unaware of the calendar the next few months. We're living in the days that a year ago marked the beginning of JD's rapid decline, that mark the beginning of our heartache. "I will rise" by Chris Tomlin came on the radio on my way home just now, and today marks the first time I've listened to it without a flood of tears. But yesterday I saw a picture from when he was sick but still at school, and reality hit like a ton of bricks, and the tears wouldn't stop. Funny the way grief is, huh? All of that to say- I never would've dreamed last year at this time that this year at this time we'd be nearly 10 months without JD. I didn't know that my heart could hurt, ache in such a way. I was so aware of how much I loved my little brother, but never knew how tremendous the hole his absence would bring. Still, I miss him every single day. We talk about him so often, relive stories, joke, cry. Corban has his own memories, and for that I'm so grateful.
I dreamed of him last week, and it'd never been so good to hear a voice in all my life. I don't know what he said, what we talked about, but I remember waking up with a lightness in my heart, and then a deep sadness at the realization of it only being a dream, that being all I get for the remainder of my life on earth. Oh, I miss him...
On a lighter note, the end of this week marks 16 weeks of pregnancy. That's 4 months, people! Holy moly, I'm a soon-to-be mother of three. THREE! If we were finding out the gender this time, I could find out at my appointment on Wednesday. How crazy is that?! I think it's going to be really REALLY hard to wait to find out, but it'll be worth it. At least that's what I keep telling myself. :)
Okie doke, I better go finish folding some clothes (story of my life) and mop the kitchen floor while the munchkins are out.
Off to clean!
Wait- I'm back! I forgot something!
Do any of you use the envelope system for cash? What have been the pros/cons in doing so? Have you noticed an increase in money saved or sticking to your budget? I've been debating and think it'll be a positive thing for us... but I'm probably just lazy and undisciplined, if you want to know the truth.

And... has anyone potty trained a young toddler? Like an 18 month old little girl? I'm really considering it. Any advice? Cate is definitely interested, and it would sure be nice to just have one in diapers come January.

Lastly, my little boy is sitting on my lap and informed me that he likes the color blue.
That is all.
Good day.


  1. i had lunch with brandon today and we were just talking about how this was the time last year when things really started to go downhill. and you know, it was sad, but we still found things to smile about when talking about jd. because that's just the kind of kid he was. :)

    hug your babies and enjoy every day with them! oh, and tell corban i like blue too. maybe it's a sign that baby #3 is a boy?? i'll ask my magic 8 ball for you...


  2. We use the cash envelope system and I love it...when we stick to it. :) Hahaha! It really does work. I recommend getting Dave Ramseys money manager billfold thingy (obviously, that is not the official name :)). We don't have it yet, but I know ppl that do and I want one! It would, I know, encourage me to be faithful to the system and budget.

    About potty training young...I SO WISH I would have done it with Denae. She was interested, I was not and it took us until she was just over 4 to be done potty training...I swear it's because I missed my window of opportunity. I think if she is showing it!!!

  3. We use envelopes for everything except bills--those we pay online. It's a big adjustment, maybe up to 6 months even, but worth it. I don't like spending cash:) Also, it's very revealing about who spends the money and on what...brings a real honesty to the budget!

    I've potty trained three girls. One at 20 months, one at 27 months and one at 33 months. The thing they all had in common was this: they could handle themselves ont eh potty alone. I mean, they could get off and on the toilet seat (not a potty chair), wipe reasonably well, flush, pull up/down their own pants. Not that they did it perfectly every time! Honestly, the last thing you want is a newborn and a toddler who is running to the potty every 30 minutes and cannot handle herself in there. One of my girls was able to handle things like that really early--still is able to do things independent very early--but the others were older and I'm glad I waited until they could be independent. They trained quickly, easily and it was no big issue with any of them. You'll know when the time is right for all of you. And, I did two in dipes and it wasn't as bad as it sounds. Expensive, yes, but not such a huge hassle.

  4. Check out the book Diaper-Free Before 3: The Healthier Way to Toilet Train and Help Your Child Out of Diapers Sooner by Jill M. Lekovic. This book came highly recommended to me and it has really good information. We are going to start working with Sarah in the next few months (she's almost 14 months now).

  5. I'm the same way about buffalo sauce and spicy things when I'm pregant - well, even when I'm not. I don't know why, but I still can't believe you were pregnant when I saw you at the airport.

    And budgeting - I find that having the responsiblity of keeping track of our money is really quite rewarding. We don't do the envelope system although we've thought about it. We are each responsible for an area of the budget (mine are groceries, home, and entertainment)and are responsible for keeping on or under the amount of alloted money for each category. It's nice because we both share in the responsiblities of the budget.

  6. Corban likes blue just like his grandma! :) I'm trying really, really hard not to dwell on our hard summer, but it's hard. You know. I want to hang on to every last memory I have. In fact, as we were eating corn on the cob tonight I reminded Jack how JD hated me eating corn on the cob because I made too much noise! :) I'm still waiting for my dream. None that I can remember and it really makes me sad. I guess I'll get it when God thinks I'm ready. I'm glad it made you feel good for the moment anyway. I miss him...... I love you!


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