Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I just have a moment... but my heart is so overwhelmed with gratefulness right now, I just want to take a minute and capture this moment with words.
It's just been a wonderful day- spent time with girlfriends I love greatly while our kiddos ran around enjoying eachother. Spent time researching and preparing and getting things in order to really make this photography thing a business. Made a delicious dinner and laughed as we ate as a family. Had time to shower and clean the kitchen relatively distraction free. And then spent an hour or two with my dear Kallie, as we walked and talked at the park.
We came home and got the kids ready for bed, and... I just want to savor these moments. I carried Cate cradled up the stairs to her room and then sat indian-style with her in my arms on her floor. The moment I sat down, "Pway, Mama. Pway," my girl said as she squinted her beautiful blue eyes and held my hands, and I did. I thanked God, praised God for the many, many things we have to be thankful for, my heart overflowing with gratitude at this moment. I love the way her paci-filled mouth says so matter of factly "A-men" at the conclusion of a prayer. I love how she reaches for my hands after I lay her down, and says 'Mama' so sweet, so full of love.
And then I left her room, and just sat, listening to my boys giggle from Corban's bed. I love eavesdropping on their time, their moments like Cate and I share each night. I listened as Jordan fabricated stories of a boy who loved squash and blueberries and baseball (a change of pace from the Eric the Red stories it's been as of late). I listened to Corban tell daddy to sing the 'play more baseball' song, which Jordan (obviously) didn't know... and so Corban taught Jordan it, chanting 'Let's play more play baseball' and then making up other silly lyrics to go along with it. As it came time to settle down and pray, Corban said that tonight he wanted to pray for Tessa and Audri, and so they did. I love the sweet, "Goodnight, Daddy" that comes from my little boys' lips, the way he asks for his blankets to be a particular way, always making sure Spongebob is nearby to snuggle with.
Moments I wouldn't trade for the world, wouldn't want to miss for anything...

Now it's time for ice cream and brownies as I read day 9 of my 'through the Bible in 90 days'... a perfect conclusion to a wonderful day.
Happy Tuesday evening! :)


  1. Your post was a great way to start my morning today! Thanks! Hope today is another sweet day!


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