Wednesday, July 28, 2010

my birthday boy

At some point... my baby boy grew up, and I'm now the mother of a three year old...
the most joy-filled, life-loving little boy I've ever met...
tender-hearted, intense, extreme, loves with his whole heart..

my sweet little boy.
This past year was a rough one, but you, my Corban Gabriel, brought laughter and smiles, love and joy to this heart... You did more for your Mama than you could ever know. I'm thankful every single day that your my little boy, that I have a chance to watch you learn and grow, to see how passionately you love, to watch you adore your daddy, to see you try anything and everything. I love your intensity, that curiosity, your passion.
You're a giver and an encourager. You notice every little detail, remember every little thing. You're so quick to pray. I love those things about you...
What a gift you are.
Love you, my sweet, sweet son.
Happy 3rd Birthday!


  1. he's a keeper for certain..... I love you sweet Corban Gabriel.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY...... I love you soooooo very much.... Grandma (Sue)

  2. Okay he looks HUGE in these pictures I love it! He's such a GORGEOUS boy, I've always said that! ;) And love the "3"!

  3. the first two and that last one are perfect! I bet it's hard to imagine that your first baby is now 3 years old - doesn't it go by do fast? He seems like such a sweetheart - he's going to be a knockout (even though he already is).


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