Wednesday, September 11, 2013

random wednesday thoughts:

It was a doozy of a day. Instead of delving into the details and throwing myself a little pity party, we'll just do a little bullet post full of McG family happenings. 
-Our house is still for sale. (Did I ever mention that we listed it?! We did. Two months and twelve showings ago.) We would love and appreciate prayer for a buyer! Keeping a house show-ready is a tricky task. One that I am quite over. :)
-I am 30.5 weeks pregnant. As in, we are in the final stretch of this pregnancy. Holy. Cow. This baby (gender still unknown) may very well end up nameless. We have a girl name we like, but no middle names and no boy names period. Yikes. 
-I just made a bowl of salsa and used a whole habanero and a whole jalapeno. I don't think I could eat something too spicy right now. 
-Two weeks ago, my ankle swelled up and began hurting. Since then, it's swelled off and on and the pain has come and gone. I mentioned it at an OB appointment yesterday, and they decided we needed to do an x-ray. Turns out I have "body fracture fragments" in my left ankle -- (from what I understand, piece of bone that has broken off and is loose in the ankle) -- one that appears to be old on the inside of my ankle, and a fresh, jagged spot on the outside. I am in a walking boot for the next three weeks at least, and will see what needs to be done from there.
-I am really really really thankful for a working air conditioner. (It has been in the 90's the last two weeks!)
-I still really love pumpkin spice lattes.
-and ice water. Cannot get enough ice water.
-My big kiddos are loving school. Nora loves mornings at home with just mama and loves when it's time to get Corban and Cate at noon. It's been a sweet transition-- I'm thankful for this time, and man oh man, are we going to miss it.
-Jordan and I are doing some discipleship training (t4t) with another missionary couple and it's been so good-- especially for me. The people we are meeting with are just incredible. So thankful that the Lord has them still here in this season and that we are able to have this time with them!! (Check out -- you will be encouraged, challenged, and blessed. Their hearts and their passion to follow hard after Jesus leave you wanting to do the same.)
-I am a soon to be homeschooling mom. I have started researching homeschool curriculums at least 600 times and then get overwhelmed by all the information and the crazy costs and quit. If anyone just wants to tell me what to do, that would be great. :) 
-Jordan is watching a cheesy western on TV and I am researching names (with no luck) and that probably means we should just go to bed. And so I will. Goodnight!

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