Friday, December 21, 2012

december happenings

It's been a fun few weeks over this way. It's been nice to close my computer and knock some things off of my to-do list. and take on impromptu projects like disassembling a crib, a set of bunkbeds, and a trundle bed and having everyone switch rooms. :) 
(insert big sad mama moment here. Can you believe we don't have a crib anymore?!) 
Anyway, Corban and Cate had been sharing the smallest bedroom in the house, so we decided to swap things around. You can see a fine sampling of what was Nora's room:
It used to be Cate's room, and she had 'decorated' every inch of wall space in a days' nap. Sigh. We decided it was time to bid the wall princesses and their families adieu, move the big kids in, and make a room suitable for a boy and a girl. 

Corban helped tear down and rebuild the bunkbeds. He loves to help Jordan work-- and I love that my boy is learning to be a handyman like his daddy. :) The room is not 100% finished so I don't have any crazy after pictures, but the highlight of the room is this:
the chalkboard wall! 
So perfect for my 'all the world is a canvas' little girl. It was finally dry yesterday and we have already spent hours playing on it. 
(Our babysitters did the portraits below!)

 Corban's favorite things about it are drawing targets to shoot his nerf gun at and playing hangman. Hangman is funny when you don't yet know how to read. CAURLGRRO (or something close to that) was one I got 'hung' on last night.

 The kids had their Christmas program at school this week. Both mine and Jordan's parents came and my brother drove over, too. I love that our families make the time for things like this... and it was really really precious. So fun!
 And then, we had our first big snow today. The kids were bursting with excitement from the time they woke up this morning. As soon as we were home from school, it was snowpants/hats/gloves on and outside they went. Cate didn't make it too long, but Corban stayed out and enjoyed for quite a while.

 It was one of those really sweet sort of days. I think I thanked God at least twenty times for positioning us in such a way that I can primarily stay home with my babies. To be able to sit with Nora on my lap as I visit with an old youth grouper home from college, and then to help with the kid's Christmas party at school, and then layer them up and watch them throw snowballs at each other... It really is a privilege  and I am so thankful for these little things that I might otherwise miss out on. I think I did miss out on a lot this fall (by my over-scheduling and time mis-management) and I want to be here, really here, for all of these long, cold, winter days. And on that note...naptime is over and it sounds like my ceiling might fall through with the jumping off of bunkbeds that is taking place.
Have a Merry Christmas!

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