Sunday, November 11, 2012


for staycation. for brunch with freshly made doughnut holes and pancakes and scrambled egg skillets. for restaurants with paper table cloths to draw on while we wait. for my 22 month old who only colors with her left hand. my son practicing dribbling outside on the sidewalk (and memories of doing so for hours at a time in my own childhood). for Cate snuggling with me after napping. and for Cate napping. for gym memberships and life-guarded indoor pools.  for the close of a busy season. for my patient husband. for a husband who prays with me and for me. for a husband who loves Jesus with his life. for the twenty people who gathered in our living room Friday night to worship and pray and learn about being disciples and making disciples. for our youth group. and for our church. for pumpkin spice lattes. and new yoga pants. and the tea party scheduled for tomorrow, just me and Cate. for a little boy who writes 'I love Cate and Nora' on notes at school. for visits with friends. and home project dreaming. for the sweetest reminders of God's faithfulness. for my God who IS faithful. and loving. and gracious. oh so thankful for grace. for my mom. for instagram. and popcorn and diet coke. for new flannel sheets. and for bedtime. (which is now.)  

a tiny portion of the things overwhelming my heart tonight. in the best kind of overwhelm sort of way.

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