Wednesday, October 31, 2012

quick list

true story: it's really hard to get back in the habit of doing this.
So... while I'm rusty and out of practice and not even sure where to begin, how about a little list for you? Here we go.

-We are a week and a half from our second annual 'stay-cation'. This comes much welcomed in the wake of October. I am really really really looking forward to a week at home as a family. 
-I'm currently day dreaming of that time when all three kids used to nap. Remember that? 
-Pumpkin Spice lattes are still my favorite.
-Nora has started saying sentences this week and repeating any and everything said to her. She calls her brother 'Bebo' for some reason, and I love that a lot. I also love this: Ah wuv you, mama. Over and over and over, all day long. It's my favorite, too. 
-Cate is wildly imaginative and turns any object into little imaginary families with fun names like "Ponyella" or "Simon". (Case in point: two bags of rice were twin brothers at the grocery store. Our little drum was turned into a princess. The foam letters that we have in the bath tub?! A whole family. 24 kids.) She's wonderfully wild, the most outside of the box thinker I've ever known, impulsive. Some days, this presents a whole lotta problems (like when she walks past the scissors and cuts her hair. Or walks past toothpaste and decides it needs spread all over the walls. Or when her pink walls are too boring and need a princess family drawn all throughout...), but I love the way the Lord has wired my baby girl.... even if I can't quite figure out how she works. ;) Pray for me? :)
-Corban is five. Wrap your brain around that one, folks. I have a five year old... who is learning to read, who loves to help, who is tender and kind and passionate. I still can't get over it. He loves to play card games and nerf basketball in the kitchen and likes to win like his mama and daddy always did. I really love this age and this season. 
-I'm dreaming up an art station for somewhere in my house. I'm dreaming up a kitchen remodel, too, but that's a little more labor intensive and costly. :) Has anyone else set up an art area? Have you been able to keep supplies contained to that area? Right now, we have a couple of boxes that are stored in the kitchen and cover the table most of the day-- we spend hours drawing and coloring. I would love to have a spot designated for their art stuff with different mediums available for them to use. Any suggestions?!
-It's November tomorrow.
-I'm currently reading and being wrecked by the book "Radical". Jordan and I are going through it together (we have a standing date-night-in on Tuesdays and usually spend part of that time reading). I highly recommend it!
-I'm out of things to say. And out of time. Real posts coming soon!

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