Sunday, July 1, 2012

one and a half.

All of a sudden, we are at 18 months.
one and a half.

 She's the sweetest, most pleasant, happy baby girl...
I think I've said that every time I've ever written about her.

She melts me with her tenderness...
She's just learned to give the sweetest hugs and to say 'love you'. She always sleeps with her owly and reminds me to 'amen' before I lay her down to sleep.
 She's busy and curious and has been deemed the raccoon... She scavengers for food and toys and the tiniest piece of fuzz you could ever find. She's an observer. She watches and imitates. She's so much an individual and it' an amazing thing to watch who Nora is unfold.

 Oh my brown-eyed baby girl....

 You are such a gift!

(I really can't believe I've only had six blog posts this whole year! I'd like to remedy that... but can't make any promises. This has been my first 'wedding season' and with that and a slew of life circumstances thrown in, I've got to be so mindful of how I spend my time! But I miss doing this and the practice of regularly writing and documenting my babies' days. So much to do, so little time, right? In the meantime, enjoy the pictures of my littlest girl!) 

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Your little girl is growing up so fast!


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