Friday, May 25, 2012

picture recap

On Mother's Day, I wanted to get a picture of my sweet babies before church. 
This is the outcome:
Mmhmm. Cate has mastered the pouty lip. Corban thinks practicing kung fu on his sisters is the funnest thing ever, and Nora wants to do her own thing.
Real life, though, and so I love it.
My big kids:

 We had a picnic dinner at church and walked and played and had the best day. Here's a few pictures from that:

 We then spent a few days out at my parents house, and my grandma and papaw were up from Mississippi. It was the sweetest few days and I am so thankful to be home with my babies and have the flexibility to be able to pack up and go like that! It was so so wonderful for my kiddos to get to enjoy their great grandparents. Now, if we could just convince them to move to Indiana... :)

 This week, my baby boy had his end of the year program at school. It's unbelievable to me that the school year is over and I am so thankful for how Corban has loved it. The program was the cutest thing ever and Corban was so into it! Also- Uncle Brandon and Aunt Holly made time to come and watch their nephew perform and then join us for dinner afterwards! It's been such a fun few weeks!

Isn't he so handsome?! This boy amazes me, and I am more thankful every single day to be his mama. Can I brag for a second? His class had 'character awards' on Wednesday of this week. A really awesome thing-- the teacher had selected different character qualities that best described each student. It was so sweet to hear her describe each student and to encourage them in such a way. I have been SO thrilled with Corban's experience at his (our) school thus far. Anyway- the character quality that best described my boy?
Do you know what that does to a mama's heart?! To hear his teacher talk about how he is quick to obey and doesn't complain, just does what's asked of him? 
I am so so so proud of this little boy. So blessed by him. So grateful for him. I can't wait, although I wish I could slow it down, to watch him to continue to grow. 
(But in the same breath... I know that outward obedience, while very good, is not the end all, you know?! I want more than anything for him to know Jesus and out of love for Him, desire to obey. I pray every day that this knowledge Corban has --(which, btw, blows my mind- the way this four year old soaks up Bible stories and Scripture)-- would transform his heart, would result in a consuming love of our Savior. )
Anyway, it's been an amazing few weeks. This recap barely scratches the surface, but I've hardly taken any pictures this month, I'm out of time to write, and I need to give  Caters my attention now. :) Computer is now..... off.

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