Friday, October 14, 2011

oh you know.

just some pics of my sweet babies.
Things are busy around here. I'm hanging on until November... and then things calm down a little. This week holds five photo session (4 of which are tomorrow), and the next two weeks have weekend weddings (that I'm photographing) with multiple sessions mixed in. But November is looking calmer, and I'm not taking much in Decemeber, so rest is coming. 
Also- Everyone is fighting colds around here.
Nora turned 9 months old almost two weeks ago. She continues to grow sweeter by the minute. It's incredible... so incredible.. to be her mama. I really and truly have never known a happier, more content baby. She's crawling and cruising like crazy, waves, gives sweet kisses, likes food- all of it, and loves her big brother and sister an amazing amount. She can be a little bashful sometimes and seems to lack that fearless gene my other two have (not complaining). :) 
Caters will be 3 in 3 months, and how that is possible I am just not sure. She is a mystery to me, my little girl... She is wired and works in a way that I have yet to figure out. But we're pushing through... we'll get there. :) I stand firm in my belief that 2.5 is the hardest age to parent, in case you're wondering. :)
Cate loves all things princess and wedding and babies. She also loves dirt and mud and bikes. She is as strong-willed as ever and can give the fiercest looks you've ever seen on a face so sweet. She operates a little like this: ON. OFF. No middle ground with her. She also thinks naps are for the birds, much to my dismay. She's so sharp, though, and picks up things quick quick quick. She can spell most of the words her big brother can (Corban, Cate, Mom), and loves to be read to and do puzzles. She really is a sponge and is eager to be taught. I love her enthusiasm and energy and I love her desire to do whatever mama does. She's my girl--- and the Lord is using her to streeeeeeeeeeeetch this mama's heart. :) 
Corbanator is SO big. A kid. It blows my mind. He is absolutely thriving in school. His behavior has been excellent the entire year and I am blown away at how much and how quickly he is learning. I think it's just a matter of time before he's reading-- and he is SO eager to get there! I'm looking forward to hearing what his teacher has to say at our first parent-teacher conference on Monday. It seems a little surreal to me that I am attending a parent/teacher conference as a parent. I'm really a mom now, right?! haha. He is growing and changing so much, though... He's got a sweet and tender heart, and is very much a people person. I so love the little boy he is... am so proud to be his Mama.
Okay. That's all I've got for a quick summary. I need to do a 'cate says' post soon... the girl keeps me laughing-- she's hilarious! I've spent too much time not being productive and my big kids are jumping around instead of resting, so I better get back at it!!

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  1. I would love to read a Cate says post. I just love all the pictures you post of your sweet kiddos. Thanks for sharing them with us.


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