Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nora James, six months

Oh little girl of mine...
You have no idea, not an inkling of the joy you bring and add to our lives.
You are the perfect reminder that God is good and sovereign, that He has a plan and it is good.
My heart is overflowing with that reminder as I watch your sweet personality emerge. Your playfulness, smile, contentedness... simply, YOU... 
You are such a gift, my Nora James.
Six months you've been here now. 
A perfect addition to our family. 
A perfect, tiny (11lbs 11oz) fit.
I'm so thankful to be your Mama, my beautiful brown eyed girl.
Little Nora James, you are so loved!


  1. I like the third one! I know that smile!

  2. she's my favorite of your kids. i'm kidding!! but she is absolutely precious and i can't wait to see you ALL again!

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  4. What a sweetie! I love the fifth one!

  5. She's is positively gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! OH Those eyes!

    p.s. Your phototography is really getting lovely. :)

  6. Second from last - I love. She is so dainty and feminine.


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