Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I'd been writing a post in my brain since Saturday about how we've turned this corner...

...that there was starting to be an ease to things.
that everything wasn't seeming so hard.
 Neither a miracle nor a leash are wished for during every outing.
but today?
that feels like a bunch of lies.
Mostly because I was up too late working last night
and I've far over-extended myself.
I have three kiddos who think naptime is for the birds today.

Those things make me a far too impatient, far too stressed, far too not-much-fun kind of Mama.
Oh, to have balance...

All of that to say-
A few days ago, I felt like we'd turned a corner.  
Jordan had a mountain bike race.
and I?
I had all three kiddos by myself AND without a stroller---
and had a blast.
They ran and jumped and practically swam  in every mud puddle they saw.
They were filthy, muddy, soaked to the bone, but oh, did they enjoy.
I don't know why I'm usually so uptight. Why is it so hard to just let my kids be kids?! 
It was such a sweet time...
I need to learn to say 'yes' more often. 
Even if it means a little mess, a little more effort, you know?
Somedays, things DO seem easier.
And I treasure those days.
 I love being Mama to these kids.
These wild, energetic, curious kids.
Such sweet gifts they are...
Oh Lord- Help me to have a heart of gratitude always...
And now, back to work I go. Playing catch up from being computer-less! Happy Longest Day of the Year! 
(and oh, does it seem long! ha!)


  1. This post is exactly how I have been feeling lately. You have such an amazing way of putting it into words.

  2. This is such a sweet post! You have such a beautiful family, and I can tell you love them so so much!


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