Friday, February 18, 2011

I like:

warm weather.
going to the park.
picnics outside.
not wearing winter coats.
breathing fresh air.
warm weather.

These last few days... downright glorious. Indiana has been good to us, providing a much needed break from the misery  winter. We've gone to three different parks on three different days. Yesterday, we were there for over two hours, ate our lunch in a little cubby of the playground. Oh, yes... we are not made to be cooped up in this house.. which suddenly seems much smaller than it did three years ago when we purchased it. I guess going from one six month old baby to a 3.5, 2, and newborn will do that to a place, huh? Either way, we welcome the chance to get outside.
It's been a chaotic week-- I had three photo sessions in four days and am trying to get all my editing done. Additionally, I've had some stuff going on with my heart which has been an unexpected stressor. But- all is well. This unusual weather was the perfect distraction and we are all feeling refreshed and more sane. :)
Nora continues to be amazing. And by amazing I mean nearly perfect. Sleeps 8 hours most nights, as content as could be when awake. I'm a big fan of that sweet girl. :) Corban and Cate both love her so much... I'm blown away by the tenderness and protection they both show towards her. Corban currently is curled up on the floor next to Nora, 'reading' her stories from a new book. Cate doesn't fully grasp the concept of 'gentle' yet, but she's learning.:) The girls just had their 2 yr (C) and 1 month (but at 6 wks, N) well baby checks. Cate was 30.75 lbs, 35 inches and in the 80th percentile for everything. Nora was on the opposite end of the spectrum at 9lbs 3 oz (what Cate weighed just days old! ha!) and 22 inches long, in the 25th-ish percentile for everything.I've given up on keeping up on baby books, so I want to make sure I have this stuff written somewhere for future reference, you know. :)
Okay. While the kids are nicely building with their bristle blocks, I'm really trying to limit my computer time while they're off to build towers I go!

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