Monday, April 12, 2010

good morning

...but joy comes with the morning.

psalm 30:5

[*While walking one early spring day in Broadripple with a dear friend, we stumbled upon this yard... completely dead grass, with beautiful little blooms all over. It was breathtaking, and the most perfect picture of the state of my heart at that time.I'd like to think that my heart may also mirror the appearance of the yard now, after weeks of warmth and sunshine... mostly green, alive, well.Praise God for refreshing, that are once again present. How sweet is the morning when it finally comes...]


  1. I've been back to the yard and thought of you. The grass is indeed greener and flourishing, and the blooms are still thriving.

  2. This picture is amazing! I love that the flowers look so alive next to the grass.

    GOOD FOR YOU with the business! I hope it takes off for you! I never expected mine to go as well as it has, and it's an amazing feeling to know you did it all yourself!

    My parents are near Houston, but we're a few hours away. I NEED to meet y'all though! We gotta find somewhere to meet or something. I'm in Austin, see if it's on your way at all! :) I'd love to meet sweet Corban and Caters! That would be so fun!

    Oh and glad you love your 50! It's pretty much all I use to take pics of J.

  3. Now that is a cool shot! God is good to allow us to see beauty amidst destruction.


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