Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nora James, 7 months old

This little girl of ours...
She's incredible. The happiest, most pleasant and content baby I've ever known.
Anyway, she's at that age where it's new tricks daily, and I've been a terrible documenter of her life- so I'm fixing that right now.
As of last week, Nora James now sits up unassisted.
As of Sunday, she army crawls.
She says, "mamamama" only while crying, and 'dada' all day long. She also whines 'eeeeeeeeeeeeee' (eat) when ready for a bottle and said, 'baba' the other day. 
She nursed for the last time while we were in St. Kitts. She drinks many 6 oz. bottles of formula a day, and eats purees twice a day. I'll know next week her height and weight, but she's finally growing and filling out and looking her age, as opposed to a newborn.
She recognizes and will find with her eyes mama and daddy, Corban and Cate. She LOVES her siblings-- lights up when they're around. And it's really mutual... One of my most favorite things about being a mom is watching my kids love on one another. 
(Nora watching Cate)
She barely takes a paci, and I think we're going to kick the habit now, while trying to do the same for her big sister. (After all, the girl rarely cries! She doesn't need a paci!) She has a little square soft lovie with an elephant (and another with an owl) that she sleeps with. She loves to be in the sling. She loves to be with her Mama, but does fine with other people.
She melts me a million times over every day...
Such an amazing gift we've been given. How I love love love my Nora James!!


  1. your nora is absolutely beautiful! what a sweet, sweet girl! :) and she is incredibly blessed to have such an amazing mama!

  2. I CANNOT wait to spend the day with you guys on Friday!!!! YIPPEEEEEEE..... by the way - you're not the only one who love, love, loves Nora James!!!!! :)


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